Push Your Creativity and Build An Album Of Music Fast!
(surrounded by other inspiring DJs and producers)
This month competition starts in
More than just a regular remix competition!
This club is about inspiring each other, collaborating and working together to make the best music we can.

Joining remix club gives you access to an exclusive Mini series I have put together to help you get started with your first few remixes.
What you win each month
100 Credits on BPM Create
Download hundreds of samples, midi files and presets the BPM Supremes new Samples Library BPM Create!
10 Credits on Video Bolt
10 Credits to make awesome graphic visualiser music videos that do insanely well on YouTube!
Spotify Growth Engine
The owner of Hypedit has created a course that helps people grow fast on Spotify. Use this training to take your music to that next level and develop a fan base!
More than just a regular remix competition!
Build Momentum and create music fast
The number one thing that people struggle with when it comes to making music is starting and finishing songs. Since there is never really a deadline, songs can take months to complete.

With remix club, the constant impending deadlines will force you to start to create and finish tracks fast. This will make you so much better and quicker and producing music.
Interact with people in the competiton
This is a closed network of producers. You will, over time, meet and interact with all other members of the remix club. You will be able to hear other peoples music, and collaborate with other artists whose work you like.

You will also be able to send in your tracks for feedback and thoughts from other producers.
Add Extreme Tension to All Your DJ Sets
As a Dj you are not just there to play songs, you are there to perform. Learn how to add huge amounts of tension to the songs that are playing using effects that are available on any Dj deck out there!

This will drive your audience crazy.
The longer you stay, the better you get
At the end of every competition, the winner will have a hone call with me where we go over their track. They will talk about how they made it and how they came up with their idea. This means that over time you will not just create more music, but you will have a chance to learn from producers from all over the world.
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This month competition starts in
Here's What You'll Get:
  • Remix Club Mini Course
  • Watch on ANY device
  • Produce music fast!
  • Double your creativity when producing.
  • ​Get inspired by producers all over the world
  • Start and finish tracks quickly
  • Win incredible prizes 
  • Instant Access
Frequently Asked Questions
"I am quite new to producing, is there any point in me joining?"
  • ​Yes, if you want to get good at something you need to surround yourself with people who are better than you. If you are new, then this is the perfect club to joining.
"What if I decide I want to leave?"
  • Simply cancel your membership. You can cancel at any time!
"What if everyone is better than me?"
  • ​Then now is the time to push yourself and get better. Also, don't forget that the winner of every competition will create a video with me talking about their track, so you will always be learning from other people in the group. This club is more about everyone improving than a real competition anyway!
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